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courtly bag
courtly bags

I wear my love in my heart
, sings Nina Simone.
The courtly bags follow the loveJackets, only this time they take the form of the signature piece of the fashion collective As Four. The bags in 4 sizes, start timid only to envelope the wearer in a storm of light and staccato electronic chirps.
Working with a group of fashion designers and combining the jackets concept with an already determined fashion accessory was part of the challenge and exercise.
The spectacular encounter of the 4 bags turned this project into a performance of its own right and turned the bags into choregraphers of bodies + space.
Loud and timid at the same time, the design and the transmission complemented each other in a bold and unexpected manner.
A Studio 5050 / As Four collaboration based on a 5050 concept & the As Four circular bag.
form : body positioning : fashion + technology
Digital Insignia #1 (the first of a series of videos produced by Studio 5050)


products: Moi x embrace-me x Masai Dress x temperature sweater

clickSneaks x love jackets x courlty bags x modules

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