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: process :
the time, circumstances, acticitivities and interconnections one has to make in order to arrive to where they have to be.
the steps inherent in an activity that demands preperation.
animation my clothes are animated
body positioning you can manipulate space, with your body - awareness
chest plates, bodices and stomachers we no longer wear visible armours: so where are they now? how do they manisfest themselves? because they do exist ...
conductive fabrics the easiest type of sensing fabric; a ready-made connection metaphor.
digital courting i sit at the subway, or a flight. my digital insignia always instigates if not a conversation, always an aknowledgement.
emotional comfort  
expression of course technology is not going to make expressing oneself easier - that is a ludicrous idea; but consider for a minute this: should it not enable the possibility of expressivity?
fashion + technology why do they two look so funny together?
form everything has a form. some forms are more appropriate to their content than others. no system can forfeit form.
gestures you wave and I blink; which ones do we leave behind and which ones do we transform? can we (do we?) "gesture" with technology?
light what is more direct, ample and positive than light? in LEDs there is something magical about their simplicity and electrical complexity...
low-res display / hi-res communication in the mbracelet we used a grid of 12 rgb LEDs as feedback and display mechanism and related it to the motions detected by an accelerometer. a low-res display was able to actuate a wide range of funtions and communications.
Merleau-Ponty's xiasm "always already"
nomadic lifestyles  
object behaviour we think it silly to admit that we attribute behaviours to our objects and yet we often do. we like those objects best that in turn affect our behaviour in a positive and enabling manner.
performance wear  
serendipity the penny drops; something happens
social functionality  
staple technology  
transparent interface what all interfaces dream of when they go to sleep; and then again when they wake up...
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