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"Wear... Technology!"
Great feature on the Studio by Lalina Fafouti for Vima's science section, Greece's highest circulation Sunday paper.
It will be "all greek" to most of you...
I.D. 40: Celebrating the Collective

Studio 5050 selected by ID for its ID 40 issue. Feature written by Julie Lasky

Make: technology on your time Day-for-Night at "Wow, this is a pretty intense solar dress..." Great footage of the Courtly Bags and HugJackets at Sartorial Flux.
Fashion DNA, Rijksmuseum Despina interviewed for the "Fashion DNA" museum catalogue.
Studio 5050's Fuzzy Fashion (pdf) Despina interviewed by Sarah Scaturro for Fashion Projects!
Boston Globe: SIGGRAPH 2006 Fashion show Day-for-Night at the 2006 SIGGRAPH Fashion show in the Boston Globe!
"Epicurean School Inspires Art", International Herald Tribune Day-for-Night (Modular Extensible Reconfigurable) featured at the Athens edition of the Herald Tribune as part of the FAI residency
South China Morning Post The HugJackets featured on "Love knows no bounds as technology embraces intimacy"
"I want That!" Moi featured at Home and Garden's cable show!
Magiche Variazoni Di Tecnologie Indossabili Despina interviewed by Simona Brusa for DIGIMAG. English translation coming soon ... : - ) We Love the title!
"Fashioning the Future: Tomorrow's Wardrobe" Moi now has its very own bibliography! Check out page 100 of this great book by Suzanne Lee, where Moi is featured & interviewed!
Desiring Technologies: Case Studies (pdf.) Paper presented at Wearable Futures: Hybrid Cultures in the Design and Development of Soft Technology.
1000 (little tips of communication) (pdf.) Paper presented at Wearable Futures: Hybrid Cultures in the Design and Development of Soft Technology.
[Touch Me, Feel Me] Artkrush feature on the V&A "Touch Me" show with mention of the HugJackets.
Art and mobile tech review at NetArtReview Review of loveJACKETS and FLICKR PEEP SHOW at NetArt Review. By::Mark R Hancock (archive 05/22/2005 - 05/28/2005).
Soft, smart and well connected See us featured at Banff's online magazine Great issue! (Issue 16: WEAR: Smart clothes, fashionable technologies).
Science Friction: Panel at DIS2004 DIS2004 panel with Eric Sandelin, Otto von Busch, Magnus Torstensson and Despina Papadopoulos.
The Future of Wearables Article by Katherine Moriwaki at
Fashion / Wearables: Moi Inrerview in German) by Sabine Seymour for de:bug magazine and English translation.
Interface Me:
Pursuing Serendipity and Sociability Through Mobile Devices
Published at Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, Volume 5, Issue 3 (August 2001).
Co-authrored by Ion Constas and Despina Papadopoulos.
Wearing Wires Newsweek article by Malcolm Beith on wearables with mention of the mbracelet.
IT-SMYCKE in PC for Alla Swedish feature on wearable technologies by Lina Otterdahl
Fashions of the Times Paper written by Despina Papadopoulos on the original LoveJackets.
Shaping the Future of Mobile Devices Results of the CHI2000 Workshop organised by Satu Ruuska-Kalliokulju, Matthias Schneider-Hufschmidt, Kaisa Vaananen-Vainio-Mattila, Bruno Von Niman.
Relationship Technologies Red Herring article on the mbracelet.
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