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Personal Expression & Wearable Technologies

NYU, Interactive Telecommunications Program

This class explores the possibility of developing wearable devices & accessories as
means to social experiments and agents of expressivity and communication. As the class traces the relationship between the body, fashion, technology and social interaction students will be asked to actively explore this trajectory and develop ideas and devices around them. What would an electronic gesture be like? How can technology & fashion allow people to dynamically express themselves? What is a subversive technology? Weekly assignments will frame the theoretical discourse while a final project will help students synthesize theoretical considerations and design practices in the wearable computing space.

class syllabus (.pdf)

The Softness of Things: Technology in Space and Form

NYU, Interactive Telecommunications Program

Jasper Johns once wrote in his notebook: "Take an object. Do something to it. Do something else to it." In this class we investigate what it means to "do things" to objects in ways that transforms them and our relationship to them. We experiment with materials and objects, stretching their limits and exploring their relationship to space and the body. These investigations are grounded in an understanding of the interactional possibilities of gestures, social and spatial dynamics, networks and open source systems while we develop a new set of artifacts and construction techniques. Softness, modularity, adaptability and re-configurability, washability, power management, connectors and ways to engage the senses (and sensors) are just some of the ideas and topics we examine through weekly assignments and social experiments.

softness of things class syllabus (.pdf)

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