Studio 5050: What We Do
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the Studio: what we do

Studio 5050 is a multidisciplinary design and strategy studio based in New York.  Led by designer Despina Papadopoulos, Studio 5050 explores the fast-paced and increasingly ubiquitous relationship of design, technology and change. 

The Studio currently provides consulting services and concept development for research organizations and companies engaged in emerging technologies.

Core competencies:

Design strategies, system maps, design methodologies

Design services: research, prototype & development

Knowledge management & knowledge sharing


history of Studio 5050

Studio 5050 was founded in the summer of 1995 by Despina Papadopoulos.  The original mission was to explore and stretch the boundaries of design, technology, strategy and philosophy.  From the start, Studio 5050 embraced the attitude of risk and celebrated the power of collaboration.  Intense brainstorming soon followed with the inclusion of Ion Constas a political scientist/MBA and aspiring filmmaker, along with Helena Papadopoulos, a writer, critical theorist and independent curator.  Soon Studio 5050 became a vibrant collective. Out of the incessant questioning and re-questioning emerged new and exciting projects and a mounting client base.

day to day Studio life

Studio 5050 welcomes the novel and speculative and encourages its fruition: emergent technologies wrapped in seductive style.  Here at the Studio our interns provide energy and fresh perspectives.  Their visions of style, competing and shared, help circumscribe what is possible and what may soon be so.  Their ability to navigate new and complex technologies boosts the Studios capacity to evaluate and incorporate them into current and future projects.


the Studio: who we are x what we do


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